Venture Capitalist/Investor

Venture Capitalist/Investor

You’re putting your money (or other people’s money) to work.

We understand your need to invest in companies that know how to meet short- and medium-term milestones in order to realise long-term success.  We understand that the only way for your portfolio companies to be successful is to build their teams quickly and effectively, giving the right responsibilities to the right people with the right skills, at the right time.

Our experience has included being on the investment side of the table, assessing, providing feedback and recruiting leadership teams for early-stage and pre-IPO companies. Our current clients include venture capitalists and private equity investors who look to us to provide due diligence and management assessments for target investee companies, as well as for active portfolio companies.

Providing that strategic-level of advisory services has made us partners to some of the brightest, “change-the-world” investors around.

We speak your language:  We’re all about human capital ROI.