The Reason It’s “ThreeSixty”

The Reason It’s “360”

  • 24/7 Communications

We understand that communications can, will and need to happen around the clock. With ThreeSixty Partnership, you have our commitment to being able to access the team from any time zone.

  • No loose ends

We believe that a collaborative working relationship with clients is critical to our ability to meet deadlines, to adhere to timetables and to completing projects. To that end, we seek our clients’ commitment to closing communications loops through timely and considered feedback during every step of the search process or consultancy.

  • 360° background checks & pre-work

In every assignment, we perform a 360° background check and pre-work by talking to leaders, managers, subordinates, peers and customers who can all help to assess a participants’  or situations strengths and weaknesses.

In each human capital consultancy, we conduct a thorough analysis involving all stakeholders and decision-makers to gain a complete view of an organisation’s business needs. Throughout the process, we are committed to interactive and two-way communication with clients to ensure transparency and agreement.

  • Multicultural understanding

Living and traveling all around the globe might make a participant multinational, but it doesn’t necessarily make him or her multicultural. This is an important nuance to recognize because many human capital issues stem from cultural misunderstandings.

Our backgrounds, combined with our extensive knowledge of working in both blue-chip multinational corporations and in regional companies, give us the ability to know what it means to be multicultural, and to appreciate the kinds of individuals and goals which will have the greatest chances of success in those environments.