How Public, For-Profit, Non-Profit and People Leaders Can Flourish Together Through B.L.I.S.S

“Leading for Good is certainly a book I will want for regular reference… I highly recommend it for anyone serious on being a Good and Effective leader.”
DR GERARD EE ~ Chairman of the Charity Council in His Foreword

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Leading For Good_by Theresa Goh


The quest to galvanise the collective strength and imagination of leaders across the four major sectors – public, for profit, non-profit and people – has never been more urgent. Against a myriad of unprecedented challenges brought about by multi-dimensional threats such as economic inequality, climate change and global health crises – the Covid-19 pandemic being the most recent – how and leaders work collaboratively to flourish together?

Through the B.L.I.S.S. framework that undergirds Leading for Good, author and leadership advocate Theresa C.K. Goh aspires to guide and inspire leaders to become a better leader, and a better person, so they may kindle a better organisation, and better society.

Drawing from her 25 years of experience leading organisations and working with top leaders, she has perceptively distilled a rich reservoir of insights into a book that presents though-provoking questions and useful guideposts to what makes a good director and leader.

Described as “deeply grounded, refreshing insightful and profoundly challenging”, Leading for Good hopes to engender transformation, vision and imagination in every reader’s leadership journey.


“I wish that I had read this book before I started my leadership journey for it encapsulates so succinctly and clearly what one needs to know before one starts and continues on one’s leadership journey. With thought-provoking questions and guidance, we are shown how we can be better equipped to be good leaders. Thank you, Theresa, for sharing B.L.I.S.S. with us. “

        Anita Fam

        President of National Council of Social Service

“The B.L.I.S.S. framework introduced in Theresa’s very timely new book provides very useful guideposts to what makes a good director and leader.”

        Professor Mak Yuen Teen

        Corporate Governance Advocate

“Collaborative and collective leadership is one way forward and Theresa Goh’s Leading for Good is a timely inspiration for current and aspiring leaders.”

        Professor Inderjit Singth Dhaliwal


        Former Singapore Member of Parliament

“Leading for Good challenges leaders to work collaboratively across organisations and sectors to achieve positive organisational, sectoral and societal impact.”

       Willie Cheng

       Former Chairman,

       Singapore Institute of Directors

“Organisations of Good as we turn the page into a new chapter in this new normal. I highly commend Theresa and Leading for Good to you as an honest and trusted journey guide. You will be greatly encouraged “When you can influence someone else to ‘think better, dream better, and be better,’ you are a leader.”

        Eugene Seow

       Board Member,

       National Council of Social Service

“The B.L.I.S.S. framework guides us to reflect how we can grow in the journey of making our aspiration become a reality and how we can make a difference in the life of the people we lead and the customers we serve. The book has touched my spirit too; when a group of people working humbly for something bigger than themselves, miracles happen.”

        Ratih Rachmawaty

       CEO of AMAAN

       Former CEO BTPN Syariah Indonesia

“Leading for Good provides a framework to reflect on the core question of one’s existence – “Who am I fundamentally?” The author shares a deeply compassionate and comprehensive perspective on how 4P leaders from the public, for-profit, nonprofit, and people sectors can explore the issue of purpose in their lives, work towards common goals, and in so doing, shape a better world.”

       Wong Su Yen


       Singapore Institute of Directors

“Deeply grounded, refreshingly insightful and profoundly challenging. There is a certain presence of this book which I thoroughly enjoy. Theresa Goh invites us to reframe our purpose as individuals and leaders, and what it might look like to flourish together in a “Covid-19+” world. Leading for Good through the B.L.I.S.S. framework truly lives up to its title and much more!”

        Dr Goh Wei Leong

        Co-Founder of Healthserve

“Leading for Good is a rare and polished gem… Anyone who reads this book will experience radical growth and transformation in his or her leadership journey.”

        Gregory Vijayendran SC

        President of Law Society

“If you want to achieve Eudaimonia, or a life well lived, and the best version of yourself, read the book.”

        Sim Gim Guan

        Executive Director of

        Singapore National Employees Federation

“There are leadership books that seek to describe happenings and phenomena, and there are those who seek to pace set a new agenda. Theresa’s book is the latter and a much-needed voice from Singapore calling forth leaders who will put others first and bridge-build for a united Singapore that leads without power but with great influence for the common good.”

        Melissa Kwee


        National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

“This book is recommended for leaders who seriously wish to search their souls for stronger inner resilience in a world that was thrown into a huge turbulence in 2020.”

       Allice Iaw

       Deputy Chairman & Managing Director,

       Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority,

      Hong Kong

“The author leverages her unique experience in both private and public ecosystem to systematically explore the issues at hand. Theresa leaves no stones unturned, including sensitive and uncomfortable hard truth in our conservative society.”

       Tan Chin Hwee

       CEO Asia Pacific, Trafigura


Theresa Goh

Theresa Goh

For a while, I’ve been advocating for leaders from different sectors to come together to create positive impact. With Covid-19, I believe this effort has become an imperative. During the 2020 Covid-19 ‘circuit breaker’, I had time to put together a framework to kindle holistic change through collective leadership.

In my new book, Leading for Good, I examine leadership behaviours and how the human psyche’s inner workings and the external influence of goals-structure-process have driven leaders in different directions. Indeed, by unifying leadership purpose, 360-degree information sensing and doing the right things, collective impact can happen. It all start with the self, then others, organisation and society. I also touch on current market success and dysfunctions, urging leaders to practise virtues and apply systems thinking in decision-making.

I’ve had the honour of having the book reviewed and endorsed by leaders such as: Dr. Gerard Ee, Willie Cheng, Anita Fam, Dr. Goh Wei Leong, Melissa Kwee, Prof Mak Yuen Teen, Eugene Seow, Sim Gim Guan, Inderjit Singh, Tan Chin Hwee, Gregory Vijayendran and Wong Su-Yen. In garnering regional perspectives, I’m pleased to have Alice Law and Ratih Rachmawathy, respective CEOs from Hong Kong and Indonesia, to endorse the book.

I hope the concepts shared in the book, questions posed, as well as my personal stories, will help you find your place in work and life – that you’d be inspired to understand what “putting people first” and “doing the right thing” really means, and to grow your influence towards the collective.