Looking back at the last 20 years of Resource Dynamics (now 360 Dynamics) it has been one great journey as we have successfully reinvented many times amidst 4 recessions.

Moving from pure executive search, we added outplacement (as clients stopped hiring and started downsizing). This was in the late 90s during the Asian Financial crisis and SARs pandemic.

In the 2000s, organizations faced a huge challenge to hire right as well as cost-efficiently. Many clients moved towards in-house recruiting as a cost-savings means, we were asked to search for internal recruiters (most call them talent acquisition teams) and train them to hire efficiently and effectively. Equipping in-house recruiters with the right competencies became a natural thing for us to do.

In the last decade, recruitment also became more focused on hiring right based on pre-conceived competency framework. Leadership Assessment became a good way for organizations to hire, develop as well as advance their talents. Clients began to focus on leadership strategies as part of their long term talent management vision. We followed suit because if that is what clients need, then it is what we need to do.

Coaching, both on a one-to-one as well as group basis became one of our great tools for equipping leaders with the right skills to maneuver a very dynamic 21st century work landscape. Becoming an associate coach with the Centre for Creative Leadership was an opportunity that brought us to new frontiers as we meet many new clients from various sectors in different countries.

I noticed that one great need among leaders is seeking clarity in direction and communicating it to the extent that everyone else in the organization is able to align to it. It not only requires foresight but also the ability to network thoughts as well as communicate it simply yet in a compelling way. Even if this is done well, leaders at the next well must then be able to do the same with their direct reports and cascade it downwards. Effective execution, I believe, is the on-going challenge that businesses must overcome in order to stay afloat. Aligning functional excellence to organizational direction is one area we feel excited about to bring to our clients.

We are proud to have moved from being a silo advisory to one that brings a 360 and holistic solution to our clients in the areas of leadership Recruitment, Assessment and Development.

A leader is anyone who can influence someone else to do better, be better and dream better. We are inspired to work with self leaders, team leaders and leaders at the peak.

Theresa Goh