We are nothing

if we only exist

for our selves

360 Dynamics closes the loop

on organizational, leadership team

or individual leader challenges


You are not left on your own to figure out the next steps; you are empowered to make choices and decisions, especially the difficult ones, to move you and your organization forward!

360 Dynamics

Everyone has a purpose, especially for those who lead.

With tools and methods developed through years of experience, Theresa equips leaders with the skill to maximize potential.

Returning to the core of your organization, you will develop perspectives on enabling your people to dream better, do better and be better.

After all, we are nothing if we only exist for ourselves.

Organizations inevitably grow when enlightened board and leaders are at the frontlines.

Having a 360 view of change and creating multifaceted strategies necessary for growth require a level of thinking beyond what is known to self and the collective.

With the comprehensive approach of facilitation, consulting, and coaching, Theresa helps you connect the dots and bridge the gaps in your organization to help you achieve your business and societal objectives.

An unassuming and gentle force to be reckoned with

With a powerful set of skills present in few, Theresa has profound insights and experience in leadership and organizational growth. Her ability to see beneath the layers, cuts through the noise of organizational symptoms. With a strong desire to see people discover their purpose, she guides with firm gentleness through an uncanny ability to ask simple questions that open up depths of reflection and self-awareness.

Learn more about Theresa to know why with Theresa journeying with you and organization, you can be certain her creative force will uncover, enlighten and transform, propelling you forward into new frontiers of growth and purpose.

360 Dynamics

See the real issues.

Where are you, the leadership team & the organization now? Where do you want to be? What stands in the way of growth?

Naming the specific issues is the real adventure. Symptoms can often be disguised as main problems, leading to misdiagnosis. A wrong diagnosis leads to wrong directions and the wrong destination.Going on the right adventure, to be where the organization intends to be, has to begin with a quality root cause analysis of these gaps.

The journey of illumination involves quality analysis – a combination of scientific and experiential input. A sophisticated interweaving of professional facilitation, consultation and coaching will provide organizations with the appropriate tools applied in the relevant contexts, leading to the right information that can effectively advise decisions and strategies.

Discern and implement effective solutions

The next stop on this journey of illumination is finding the most effective interventions to address different yet specific issues. The most effective are interventions scientifically and experientially proven to have a high causal or correlational impact to the desired outcome.

It may take hard choices to agree to paradoxical interventions that work.
Self-intervention is equally important to ensure that one does not give up during the difficult moments.

The creative force of the Facilitation-Consultation-Coaching approach propels the organization towards powerful results.

Observe, provide feedback, improve & measure outcomes

After the interventions happen, it is important to develop a process to observe, provide feedback, improve and measure the outcomes to ensure the organization is moving in the right direction.

With patience, leaders will witness deep impact in their organization through implementation of varying interventions. Every implemented change will bring both lessons and resistance. This gives rise to new challenges to be addressed.

The process of continual monitoring and control is necessary for the organization to find new levels.

360 Dynamics

Overview of 360 Creative Force

The FCC approach enables divergent and convergent thinking around the present and future, harnessing ideas and options and continually refining them untill full clarity is achieved. A clear vision is liberating, and gives one the personal power and confidence to move forward.

The process of FCC is seamless, and expertly delivered, such that you need only to trust the process to discover hidden potential.

Make simple the complex

The facilitation process draws out the most challenging thinking process through a combination of tools such as questionnaires, cards, drawings. The best facilitation design comes from a deep understanding of what your needs are.

The process of FCC is seamless, and expertly delivered, such that you need only to trust the process to discover hidden potential.

Receive the solution through existing evidence-based research and concepts

When caught in a difficult place, you are entitled to expert recommendations. A third-party suggestion can kickstart the creative thinking process, much like the first dot of a mandala drawing.

Discover deeply buried answers within the self or system

By asking powerful questions, you open your mind to understand the problem and clarify the context. With the expansion of mindsets, you uncover new options and funnel these towards what may be the answers you already have, but do not yet know you do.

360 Dynamics

Effective leadership starts with self-awareness

Regardless of how others view our leadership styles, we can more effective than our current states.

  • Gain insights into your own competencies, personality preferences, motivation, and capacity.
  • Contextualize these insights within your current challenges.
  • Set goals and action plans that are realistic and motivating for sustained change.
  • Synergize personal changes and magnify impact through collective leadership

Transform organization culture

Transform your culture into one that best builds commitment and alignment to the organizational direction

  • Discover the importance of an aspirational direction, clear strategy and co-created measurable goals that can be cascaded.
  • Explore operational models that are well structured to maximize your business or mission value chain, and minimizes duplication.
  • Define roles and competencies well with high integrity performance systems to reward performance and potential and supports growth.
  • Engage teams fully, both the short and long term.
360 Dynamics

A program of learning for directors, senior leadership and middle management

Gain clarity about yourself and challenges you face
Develop yourself and reach your goals
Expand options and make choices
Adapt contexts for developmental, performance or transitional objectives

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A program for board effectiveness

Learn a framework of board effectiveness
Participate in deep conversations
Reflect on self and interpersonal tendencies that influence boardroom dynamics
Commit to new Board behaviors

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A customized program for organizational effectiveness

Gain clarity about organizational directions, strategy and goals
Follow-up on coaching conversations
Define roles and team structure
Uncover team dynamics, gaps and interventions

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A customized program for team effectiveness

Uncover team differences and assimilation of differences
Identify team needs and recognize common ground
Uncover personal dispositions toward trust and conflict
Bring personal awareness into practice

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